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Network Security Audit

Network auditing is a process in which your network is mapped both in terms of software and hardware. Network auditing is a must for any organization.

What is Network Security Audit?

Network security audit helps to determine the effectiveness of network security to resolving underlying network security issues. Network security audits are critical to understanding how well your organization is protected against security threats, whether they are internal or external. A network security audit is part of an overall information systems audit framework and includes application software audit, operation system audit, and business audit.

Network security auditing is an essential task for modern enterprises that involves auditing your IT assets and policies. An audit can be helpful in exposing potential vulnerabilities. It can also provide you with a high-order overview of the network which can be useful when trying to solve specific problems. Audits can also give you an understanding of how protected your organization is against known security threats.

Network Audit Services

While the specific method of the audit may change, a few basic steps include:

Periodic Audit

The audit process entails a thorough review of the network, including the system architecture, the use of software and hardware, the relevance of the tools used to perform specific actions, the connections to external networks, access control and privileges for users, the nature of checks and balances in place, and more

Periodic network security audit is indispensable for the smooth and seamless functioning of networks, and in an increasingly connected world, where the very existence of businesses depends on real time interactions with suppliers, customers, and others, this becomes a fundamental exercise to ensure the protection of business critical information

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