Secure Password Service

Password Management System

Password manager software is used by individuals to organize and encrypt many personal passwords using a single login. This often involves the use of an encryption key as well

Keeps data safe

Password Manager

Password Manager provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords, and unlock their accounts. Now your organization can implement stronger password policies and eliminate the potential for a data breach while reducing help desk workload. With Password Manager, there’s no need to sacrifice security to reduce costs.

p We can provide you with setup services for this Password Manager which supports a wide range of data security standards, which allows you to implement data-access policies that extend beyond the native control capabilities of Active Directory.

  • Strengthen data-access policies beyond AD’s native controls
  • Streamline help desk duties
  • Serve users from multiple domains — with or without trusts
  • Empower users to self-service basic password tasks
  • Extend to enterprise-wide password management

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