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Why Website Promotion?

Having a website is a big step towards being visible to millions of people on the Internet. However, you still need to let all those people know that you exist.Your goal with website promotion is to get as many people as possible to visit your website. After all, that is the purpose of your website: to have people visit it and read its content. This way, they can learn about your services, business, your hobbies, your interests, or just about you, depending on the type of website you have. Visitors will translate into customers, fans of your work, or people interested in your ideas. 

Web Promotion


Web page promotion is usually presently being done, by means of internet marketing services (Search engine optimization). Complex website promotion is actually a string regarding activities targeted at eliminating technical problems from the site, doing internal and external optimization of an internet resource, plus a complete as well as in depth examination of the internet site usability.

Jemistry provides you with all the above factors and strategies which can lead to proper website promotion. We understand the vision of our clients and commit to the professional final products for them.


Jemistry provides you with all the below factors and strategies which can lead to proper website promotion. We understand the vision of our clients and commit to the professional final products for them.

Developing Brand Identity

A website helps in developing brand identity. For global customers, it acts as primary appearance of a business or company. The information present on website, customer testimonials, and media updates helps in developing credibility of website in front of customers so they basically know what does a particular website provide.

Increased Incoming Traffic

It helps in increasing the amount of incoming traffic to your website. It is the primary goal of website promotion. During promotion, people who are engaged in the process would submit websites to numerous web-directories and search engines. Webmasters also take help of social media and social sites for direct promotion of the website in front of potential customers thus it help in driving more and more organic traffic to the website.

Instant Communication With Customers

Websites have become an important medium for customer communication. A website can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. Internet has made it easier to get customer’s feedback/opinion about a newly introduced product or service. Website promotion helps in getting maximum attention from targeted segment of customers.

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